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Welcome to The Rite of Manhood weekly podcast. If you are a man wanting to become a better version of yourself, or if you are a women who is looking to help your fellow friend, father, spouse of child overcome the tide of this modern tyranny, then you have reached our safe haven and a community.

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Join this project which is setting out to restore man to his former glory by assisting to pave the way to create a rite of passage, being the accumulation of skills in all areas of life. To then finally earn the title of being a man. Furthermore, growing in this way of life and becoming the best version of yourself on the face of earth, as this is a lifelong journey which our ancestors of all civilisations have walked.

Join our worldwide podcast community, as we will equip you with the PRACTICAL skills every week to actually DO what is takes to become the man and grow in your lifelong journey in this status.

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